2 years ago I was going through the application process confused and frustrated. 

I didn’t know how to find the right schools for me

I was overwhelmed with all of the application materials 

I needed

I wasn’t sure how to best communicate all of my  hard work


Now, I help women like you

  • Gain an understanding of the engineering graduate admission process including the timeline and steps involved in the process for a masters or PhD program.
  • Prepare all application materials with guidance – this doesn’t mean I will edit your personal statement and resume but rather that I will help you communicate your experience in a way which is attractive to the programs for which you are applying.
  • Stay organized and on track with a shared calendar and application tracker.
  • Get all of your questions answered. I have a network of other students, faculty and advisors with a wide range of experience and can get your questions answered.

Coaching Is Customizable to Fit Your Needs

In a single session we can

In 3 sessions you will have

  • Get all of your specific questions about funding, choosing the right program and the application process answered
  • Create a month by month plan to complete your applications on time 
  • Strategize how to communicate your experience so all of your hard work contributes to your application
  • A short list of schools to apply to that align with your interests and unique needs as a student
  • A plan for your applications including the timeline and steps to complete each application
  • The ability and language to communicate your experiences in a way that is attractive to grad schools
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