Why SHEengineered?

The idea for SHE engineered came about as I was finishing my graduate school decisions (more about this experience coming soon!). Though everything worked out for me, I felt like a lot of it was by chance (maybe this is imposter syndrome…more on that later as well). I happened to find out about UVA at a conference. I happened to find out about the NSF GRFP fellowship from a forwarded e-mail. I hustled last minute to book international flights so I could visit schools without any idea what to expect. It was only in my last year of undergraduate that I understood how much research experience impacted your ability to go to graduate school. I was lucky that one of my internships was in research and that a mentor there had encouraged me to consider graduate school.

Through this whole thing I learned so much, but it was all along the way, no one sat me down and told me what was important, what to focus on and what graduate school was about. So that’s what SHE engineered is all about. I want to help you outline your undergraduate years, have FULL KNOWLEDGE of the resources and opportunities available to you (if you are a girl in engineering, these opportunities are kind of mind-blowing). I want to give you an understanding of how graduate universities operate, what they value and how you fit into that. This shouldn’t be a guessing game!! It shouldn’t be little bits of information pieced together from different people who are X number of years removed from being part of a competitive university!! You should focus on the work, on yourself and on what you want to contribute and who you want to impact, because that is what it’s all about.

As SHE engineered grows, I hope to bring you guidance and strategies for your undergrad years, information and resources for your transition to grad school, and to showcase my own experience in graduate school. I want this blog to be a place for engineering students, especially those interested in graduate school or already there. But, rather than this just being my story and my experiences, I want to share EVERYTHING I am learning about engineering, what is a valuable use of your time in school, how graduate school works and what employers and admissions officers are looking for.

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