Week In My Life Pt. 2

I’m glad I chose to highlight this week because I think it really showcases the need for flexibility and some of the other things I have been working on. Because it is the beginning of the semester everyone in our group is in more of a planning mode making sure they have a good plan, schedule, and understanding of the requirements as they move forward. As a new student, I am using this time to learn about past iterations of these projects and get better at using some of the design tools we have. As a result, I didn’t have any deadlines this week. During my undergrad, I often fell into the pattern of working to work and would have used a week like this to try and do and learn everything and then been frustrated when it wasn’t fruitful. This year I am trying to take a small step back and make sure that I am only putting effort towards things that are actually helpful and, if I don’t have work to do, taking a break.

I’m also focusing on being flexible. As meeting schedules change and my motivation fluctuates, I changed my schedule around to work when I felt more motivated and changed a lot of my workouts to the afternoon while still hitting my 5 days/week goal.

So, here is what the rest of my week looked like!

Wednesday Night

5:30 pm –  moved my car to the gym to workout

7:00 pm – left the gym and headed to the grocery store

8:00 pm –  made lasagna while facetiming my best friend

10 – Midnight – Planned a ski trip for my birthday in a few weeks


I got a late start since I was up so late the night before. I had class, a canceled meeting and just did a short workout at home.  Here’s what my day looked like:

9 am – woke up, showered and made coffee

10:20 am – left for class

11 am – 12:15 pm – VLSI class. This is a class I took during undergrad but it is really important for what my research group does so taking it again seemed like a good idea. 

12:30 pm –  Ate lunch and answered some emails

2 pm – Packed my stuff and moved my car to a coffee shop where I finished a worksheet for SHEengineered

4 pm – had a short meeting with some other lab mates about how I can help with their project this semester

5:30 pm – Went home and did a workout with the Nike Training Club app

6:30 pm – Ate dinner, watched the office and went to bed


7 am –  Woke up, made coffee and made a to do list

9:30 am –  Left for school

10 am – Got to the lab and continued working through a tutorial for about 2 hours

12 pm – Went to lunch with the other new girl in my lab and talked about meetings we had that week 

1:30 pm – 2:30 pm – Met with the same lab member to talk about the structure of a paper we are working on and the next steps we would take

3 pm – 5 pm – My meeting was canceled so I went home early, unpacked, cleaned 

7 pm – Went to a show at the local radio station then went out to dinner

Friday night show at the radio station


9 am – Woke up, made coffee, read and watched TV

11 am – went to the grocery store

12 pm – worked on some stuff for SHEengineered

2:30 pm – met 2 of my friends at the bouldering gym – I had only gone bouldering a few times before moving to Charlottesville but I have a friend who goes pretty often and it’s a fun way to get a workout in!

5 pm – Went home and showered and ate dinner

7 pm –  Met my boyfriend and some of his coworkers to go to a show downtown.

I want to continue sharing more of what grad life looks like! Later in the semester as things pick up and become busier I will continue sharing what tose busier, more difficult weeks look like!

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