5 Ways to Find Opportunities in Engineering

If you are an engineering student, you’ve probably heard of the endless opportunities open to you. The internships, good pay, travel opportunities and chances to work on incredible projects for incredible companies. You may have also found yourself wondering “How do I get the ball rolling on this?” “Where can I find these opportunities?”. You may have also found yourself at times excited for your friend  who has a great internship or recognition lined up, but wondering “Why did I not know about this? “How does she find these great opportunities?”

I remember feeling this way, especially during my freshman year as the people around me got plugged in to research opportunities, won scholarships, and found internships. It wasn’t until I transferred schools that I realized the only difference between these people and me was that they sought out the opportunities and went for them. Here, I’m sharing 5 ways you can find the opportunities that may have once felt hidden:

1. Get Involved

Get involved with engineering organizations on campus as well as professional organizations. SWE, NSBE SHPE and others are a great place to start. Then, find organizations that are related to your specific discipline of engineering such as IEEE, ASCE, SME and others. These organizations typically offer scholarships which are not just financially rewarding, but also another accolade to add to your resume. These groups also 

  • Bring in recruiters from large companies which is a great way to get connected to an internship
  • Give you leadership and volunteer experience if you serve as an officer or on a committee
  • Have opportunities to serve on committees at a national level.
  • Host conferences where you can further connect with companies, volunteer and network

2. Read Your Emails

Do you get an annoying number of emails from your university, engineering school and specific department? These may seem like pointless newsletters but some of the best things I have participated in actually came from these newsletters.

These newsletters can contain:

  • University specific scholarships you can apply for
  • Research programs going on at your university
  • Internship opportunities with companies that have shown interest in your university
  • Opportunities to travel for conferences
  • Venues for you to submit a poster presentation or paper about projects or research you have done


Conferences give you an unmatched chance to grow your network and learn about what is available to you. Many conferences have companies recruiting for jobs and internships, and the people you meet at these events may tell you about scholarships, open leadership positions etc. that you never would have known about. I actually found out about my current university and the major leadership role I have because of a conference!

4. Get Social

I always see my friends and other engineers on Instagram posting the incredible awards and scholarships they have, outreach programs they participate in and ways they are serving as a leader. Organizations like SWE and IEEE also share scholarships and things like that on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Follow some of your classmates and other engineers on social media and don’t be afraid to reach out and ask them how they found certain opportunities! They may know of things you are eligible for that you never knew about!

5. Sign up for my email list

Every month I am sending out some of my favorite upcoming opportunities! You can do so by clicking here http://eepurl.com/gOnM1z

It is true that engineers and especially women in this field have incredible things available to them, you just have to know where to look.

Where else have you found engineering opportunities?

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