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Research Opportunities

Undergraduate research opportunities are a great way to find out if you like research and gain experience for graduate school. Check out some of the opportunities below.These provide a different experience from traditional internships with a company. It is a great way to get exposed to a research environment and see if you like it, gain more research experience which is incredibly valuable when applying for graduate school and can connect you with a great mentor to write you a recommendation letter later.

If you are still looking for research opportunities, talk to your advisors and see if there are undergraudate research programs at your university!

NSF REU: The National Science Foundation (NSF) provides funding to universities all over the U.S that offer summer research experiences for undergraduate students. These programs are typically 10 weeks long and go from the end of May or early June through the first few weeks of August. 

NASA Internships: NASA offers paid fall, spring and summer internships at most of their locations

DOE SULI: The Department of Energy offers paidresearch intrenships. Check out their CCI community college program as well!

Grad School Fellowships

NASA Fellowships


DOD SMART Scholarship – Service requirement after graduation