The SHEengineered Bootcamp

A 4-week program for highly motivated engineering undergraduates who want to maximize their time in college, gain a clear understanding of what they should focus on, and figure out their path in engineering!

With this program you will:

  • Gain an understanding of where you are, what you have accomplished and how to communicate your value and potential
  • Be part of a community of other ambitious engineering students who want to make the most of their time in college
  • Learn how to audit your own resume and build your network as a student
  • Develop practices and strategies for combating issues specific to women in engineering
  • Create a plan for your next academic year and remainder of college so you finish with a strong resume, impactful recommendations and a step ahead of your peers

Book a free 30-minute discovery call so we can discuss where you are now, what your goals are and how the bootcamp can help you get there!

This 4 week program includes:

Weekly group coaching calls with Natalie, a current PhD student in electrical engineering and the founder of SHEengineered

A digital workbook used to clarify your goals, understand your impact and how to communicate it, and develop a strategy to graduate as a competitive candidate for your next endeavor

A full resume review and audit of your LinkedIn as well as strategies to review your own resume

Access to recordings of all sessions so you can refer back to them at any time and a free one-on-one follow up session when you need it

What past participants are saying:

"Meeting with Natalie over the past few months has truly changed the game! Before I entered the program I was walking blindly through my college experience. Now, I have gained tangible skills on how to be proactive in connecting with my professors, cultivating my resume, and preparing for my future with achievable goals! Can’t thank SHEengineered enough! xx"
One on One Client
"SHEengineered bootcamp was exactly what I needed entering into my Junior year. Natalie taught us so much about how to build your resume, prepare yourself for internships and grad school, and so much more. She answered many questions that are never taught but so helpful to know. I feel more prepared to go into interviews and look for my dream internship!"
Natalie S.
2020 Bootcamp Participant
"Natalie's bootcamp not only helped me to prepare for my upcoming school year, but helped me connect with other women in Engineering around the U.S. and a few other countries. This program also provided me with helpful strategies to make the most of my time as an undergrad."
2020 Bootcamp Participant

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